Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel, Iceland

The Ion, with its stilted structure, takes inspiration from the relentlessness of nature in this strange corner of the world.

Revere Boston Common, Boston, MA

Like an art gallery, but more convivial.

Vault Karakoy: The House Hotel, Istanbul

The Vault does a decent job of fusing old and new, much like the city it calls home.

St. George Lycabettus, Athens

Athens is a destination on the up, and the St. George Lycabettus is leading the way.

Hotel Alle Tamerici, Ladispoli

There’s a deeply provincial feel about little Ladispoli; what the town lacks in beauty it sure makes up for in charm.

The Grand, Brighton

There’s admittedly something aristocratic about the Grand: tatty and poorly maintained, with a complacency only the upper classes can muster.

Brody House, Budapest

With time and distance the magic has worn off slightly -- but still, this is a tough hotel to beat.

Bella Perla Marina, Cienfuegos

The Bella Perla Marina is so wonderful that it may ruin all other casas particulares for you.

The SuB Hotel, Istanbul

A metal box with a sliding door somehow made to feel like the height of luxury. Genius.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana

The Nacional is, supposedly, the crown jewel of Havana’s hotel scene, and it’s indeed impressive--initially at least